Iron County

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175,000 Acres of Enjoyment

What are you waiting for?



Get back to the basics. Spend time together exploring nature and making memories.

Motorized Trails

Travel with family and friends to scenic outlooks or your favorite hang-out.

Non-motorized Trails

Immerse yourself in nature, and experience its physical and psychological benefits.

Lift your spirits with a visit to Wisconsin’s fourth-largest county forest, where life takes on a whole new dimension. Nature reigns supreme in the 175,000-acre wilderness of endless recreational opportunities and boundless possibilities. Get away from it all, and experience nature in all four seasons of the year.

Current Events
Two snowmobiles

Snowmobile – Winter ATV/UTV Trails

The Iron County snowmobile and winter ATV/UTV trails will fully ...
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Schomberg during fall


Saxon Harbor, Lake of the Falls, Schomberg Park and Weber ...
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Any firewood brought into an Iron County campground must come from within 25 miles of the campground or from a Wisconsin-certified firewood dealer.

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