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The Iron County Forest has 175,000 acres of public land that is open to hunting and trapping. Contact us to request an Iron County Forest sportsman’s map, available through the mail.

Ruffed Grouse Hunting

Ruffed grouse are one of the most popular upland birds to hunt, and the Iron County Forest is one of the best places in Wisconsin to hunt these woodland birds. Iron County’s mix of old and new hardwoods and newly cut forest provides excellent habitat for grouse. Grouse live in forests with varying stages of growth, and that’s just what describes the Iron County Forest. A fall grouse hunting trip to the Iron County Forest can be very rewarding.
For the latest information about logging activity and young aspen stands where grouse are more plentiful, contact our forestry staff. For current grouse hunting guidelines, visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website.

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Whitetail Deer Hunting

Thousands of Wisconsinites eagerly await the opening day of deer hunting season every year. The bow hunting and gun deer hunting seasons are Wisconsin traditions that bring hundreds of people to the Northwoods. Hunters experience the thrill of a lifetime when harvesting a trophy buck, but that’s not the only reason to deer hunt. Hunters enjoy the challenge of the hunt, the camaraderie of deer camp, and the opportunity to add venison to their freezers. Iron County deer hunters help to manage Wisconsin’s whitetail deer herd.

Deer hunters are required to follow all WDNR regulations and the Iron County Forest’s hunting stand policies.

Black Bear Hunting

Harvesting a black bear in the wild is an exciting experience. Black bears are abundant in Northern Wisconsin, and the Iron County Forest offers bear hunters the thrill of big game hunting. The Wisconsin black bear population is thriving, and bear hunters play an important role in bear management. Bear hunting is allowed on public land in the Iron County Forest.

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Bear hunters are required to follow all WDNR regulations.

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Trapping is a challenging hobby that’s exciting and rewarding. Plus, it’s one of the few outdoor activities that can result in a paycheck at the end of the season. The Iron County Forest has 175,000 acres of public land that is open to trappers. Many fur-bearing animals make their home in Wisconsin’s Northwoods, making trapping a worthwhile activity.
Trapping is a highly regulated sport, in order to sustain healthy animal populations and meet wildlife management goals. Check the WDNR website for current trapping guidelines.

Plan Your Hunting Trip to Iron County

The Iron County Forest provides a vast area of public land where wildlife roam. Whether you’re hunting or trapping, Iron County is a sportsmen’s delight, quietly tucked away in the Wisconsin Northwoods.
For information about hunting, lodging, and dining visit:

Any firewood brought into an Iron County campground must come from within 25 miles of the campground or from a Wisconsin-certified firewood dealer.

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